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Frank Rich of New York Times uses Gay Card to Slur Rudy Giuliani

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Frank Rich, the former Theater critic turned Political columnist for the New York Times, has always been a left-wing bomb thrower. He hates George Bush, Dick Cheney, Karl Rove and all the Republicans — anything to the right of his leftist views.

This Sunday is no exception as he takes aim at Rudy Giuliani with an anecdote about Rudy staying in the guest room of a gay couple after his second divorce.

Rudy Giuliani

Wow what a shocker — not only are there gays in America, New York city even — but Rudy a Republican Presidential candidate doesn’t try to pretend they don’t exist.

On the other hand the presumed Democrat Presidential Nominee, Hillary Clinton, wears pant suits and toe taps around the subject of homosexuality like Larry Craig.

Hillary Clinton has long been rumored to be a lesbian. This has been alleged in the press and verified by many locals in Little Rock, Arkansas.

Perhaps Hillary being gay explains why her husband Bill – a serial adulterer has been given a don’t ask don’t tell pass by Hillary and the MSM. It’s not just Hillary’s want of the Presidency, but also her distaste for the male member and everything else male as well.

But don’t let that stop Frank Rich from trying to lambaste Rudy, the Republican party and the Religious Right in one fell swoop.

I can’t speak for Frank Rich’s sexual orientation, but perhaps he shouldn’t be throwing stones in his left-wing glass house called the Democratic Party!

Posted: 2115PT 10/28/07


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  1. cmblake6 permalink
    Monday, November 5, 2007 5:46 pm

    I’ve heard rumor that Slick Willie told Gennifer Flowers not to worry about Shrillary, she’d eaten more pussy than he had. Now, America MAY be ready to consider a woman president, but not many are ready for a socialist lesbian.

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