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UPDATE DEAD: Kill the Latest Amnesty Bill for Illegal Aliens

Monday, September 24, 2007

THE BILL IS DEAD ! For now — Senator Dick Durbin is withdrawing his attempt to attach the Dream Act Amnesty to the defense spending bill. However, Senator Harry Reid has sworn that the Senate will consider and try to pass the Dream Act again this year, before they leave DC in November.

Thank you to all who helped kill another attempt at amnesty.

There are still Senators sitting on the fence about the Durbin Bill; The Dream Act SA 2919


Thanks to NumbersUSA for this update

The senators in this first list voted NO on the Comprehensive Amnesty in June, but have not yet pledged to vote NO on the DREAM Act amnesty.

Phone them by contacting the Senate switchboard at 800-862-5530 or 202-224-3121.

Alaska: Murkowski, Stevens
Arkansas: Pryor
Idaho: Crapo
Indiana: Bayh
Iowa: Grassley, Harkin
Kansas: Brownback
Louisiana: Landrieu
Maine: Collins
Michigan: Stabenow
Minnesota: Coleman
Mississippi: Cochran
Missouri: McCaskill
Montana: Baucus, Tester
Nebraska: Nelson (Ben)
Nevada: Ensign
New Hampshire: Sununu
New Mexico: Bingaman, Domenici
North Dakota: Dorgan
Ohio: Brown, Voinovich
Oregon: Smith
South Dakota: *Johnson
Texas: Cornyn; Hutchison
Utah: Hatch
Vermont: Sanders
Virginia: Warner, Webb
West Virginia: Byrd, Rockefeller
Wyoming: Barrasso
Senators in red print have pledged to vote YES on the amnesty
Offices of Senators in green are consistently telling their constituents that they will vote NO on the amnesty but are declining to pledge a NO vote officially, meaning they still need more phone calls.

* Did not vote in June

The senators noted below supported amnesty in June and show every sign of voting for amnesty again this week. They have been blasted all summer for their anti-American worker, pro-lawlessness stance. Perhaps your phone calls today can help them decide against voting for amnesty again.
Arizona: Kyl; McCain
Arkansas: Lincoln
California: Boxer, Feinstein
Colorado: Salazar
Connecticut: Dodd, Lieberman
Delaware: Biden, Carper
Florida: Martinez; Nelson (Bill)
Hawaii: Akaka, Inouye
Idaho: Craig
Illinois: Durbin, Obama
Indiana: Lugar
Maine: Snowe
Maryland: Cardin, Mikulski
Massachusetts: Kennedy, Kerry
Michigan: Levin
Minnesota: Klobuchar
Nebraska: Hagel
Nevada: Reid
New Hampshire: Gregg
New Jersey: Lautenberg, Menendez
New York: Clinton, Schumer
North Dakota: Conrad
Oregon: Wyden
Pennsylvania: Casey, Specter
Rhode Island: Reed, Whitehouse
Utah: Bennett
Vermont: Leahy
Washington: Cantwell, Murray
Wisconsin: Feingold, Kohl
Senators in red print have pledged to vote YES on the amnesty


Posted: 2358PT 09/24/07


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  1. Friday, October 26, 2007 10:57 pm

    Americans have been waiting for years for some one to close the flood gates to all elegals from Mexico. So what is the government afraid of ? Is there anyone concerned about the crime, the killing and the rape and stealing of our children, not to mention our cars and the saleries that go to Mexico each year as well as jobs being taken away.
    I say close the boarders and set them up the way they should be. If people go thru the channels as they should they can come. Follow time limits and if they are not followed then send them back for good. I have seen how many of the nations of the world keep there boarders and do a great job. Why not jump on the band wagon and get moving before something really bad happens here in our country. We have set our self up and we are now in a bad situation that Americans want something to be done about it now!


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