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UPDATE: Sneaky Senators At It Again — New Amnesty Vote This Week

Monday, September 17, 2007

UPDATE: September 18, 2010: Almost three years to the day, the Democrats, led by Harry Reid are proposing the same Amnesty crap. Link to NumbersUSA

UPDATE: From ALIPAC: “Sellout Senator Dick Durbin is backing up a bit. He is pulling back his first amendment (SA 2237) and submitting a new Dream Act Amendment (SA 2919). He is pulling out the In-State tuition for illegals language and setting an age cap on the Amnesty at 30 years of age. He is leaving in the language about 2 years in the military to qualify to keep this amendment Germane to the defense spending bill.”

Our weaselly Senators are still trying to sneak Amnesty for Illegal Aliens passed us again. This time it’s Senator Dick Durbin (D-IL) who is attaching the so-called “Dream Act” to a Department of Defense authorization Act.

Here is what the “Dream Act” will do.

–The Dream Act gives amnesty to any illegal alien
claiming to have arrived in the U.S. prior to age 16.

–Any illegal alien can apply, no matter the current age. So
if a 35 year old illegal can make a claim to have been in
the U.S. prior to age 16, he can apply.

–Those who get amnesty through the Dream Act can then
sponsor family members. It creates million of “anchor
teens” who create a direct amnesty path for their family.

Illegal aliens who apply cannot be deported.

–Plus, the bill allows illegals to get in-state tuition rates,
meaning your tax dollars will pay for illegals to go to

The Dream Act is truly a nightmare.

It’s time to start calling your Senators again and say NO TO ANY FORM OF AMNESTY.

The Defense bill is not an appropriation bill. Thus, if your opposition to including an amnesty in the bill delays passage of it, you will not be slowing down funding for our men and women in uniform.

Here is a great list of numbers to call: Senators Supporting Amnesty for Illegal Aliens

Let’s get cracking before it’s too late.

Posted: 0015PT 09/18/07 Updated: 2225PT 09/19/07


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  1. cmblake6 permalink
    Sunday, September 23, 2007 4:00 pm

    Go to Get your voice out to the people.


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