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Sen. Larry Craig Guilty — Of Stupidity

Monday, September 3, 2007

Senator Larry Craig (R-ID) finally resigned from his Senate seat, effective on September 30th in an embarrassing press conference, Saturday in Boise. Not a moment too soon for the Republican party and just on time for the Democrats.

Craig 2

If toe tapping and hand gestures makes one a homosexual — then you better be wearing your iPod if you are in Minneapolis Airport siting in a men’s room stall tapping your feet.

Larry Craig just proves that we have elected a lot of stupid people to Congress. “I am not Gay and never have been Gay.”

Why he wasn’t outed three terms ago is beyond me. He pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct, because he knew if he went to trial all the other allegations about his “secret” lifestyle would finally come out. There are a lot of others on the hill who lead double lives — and that is a perfect seg way to that of the Clintons…

Hillary Clinton Uses Bill As Her Warm Up Guy

Labor Day weekend is usually the start of the official campaign for the Presidency and Hillary Clinton used the day to trot out Bill Clinton to soften the crowd before she spoke.

Hillary and Bill

In New Hampshire this morning she voiced support for abortion rights and gay civil unions, but in Sioux City, Iowa, she left that all out where some Democrats are more socially conservative. She also gave the public the “two for one” pitch.

She revealed for the first time that her husband, former President Bill Clinton, would be among the “distinguished Americans from both parties” that she would dispatch soon after her election in 2008 to proclaim a new bipartisan foreign policy in her Clinton administration.

Bill Clinton is the side show shill to get you to overlook all of Hillary’s warts and corruption and believe that a vote for Hillary in ’08 will really get you that cuddly womanizer, Bill Clinton as the first gentleman in the White House. Dream on Democrats – you will only get screwed by Hillary!

Posted: 2030PT 09/03/07


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