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Illegal Alien Activists in L.A. Want More Rights

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Deporting Elvira Arellano was the right message to send to ALL Illegal Aliens and as a result Elvira has become the new Poster Child of the Illegal Alien “Rights” crowd.

Return to Mexico

First let’s set the record straight — Illegal Aliens have very few rights other than the right and obligation to return to Mexico or points south. Here is where their hypocrisy starts: They enter the United States illegally and then steal or buy fraudulent Social Security numbers and driver’s licenses. Then the Illegal Aliens use these documents to work and send much of their earnings back to Mexico. It is estimated that Illegal Aliens send more than $20 billion dollars a year — this is larger than Mexico’s Oil Industry revenues!

Illegal Aliens get free health care by overwhelming our nations hospital Emergency Rooms and get free public school education. They also get welfare and many other entitlement benefits through fraud. Who knows how many Illegal Aliens are voting in our elections?

So while they suck us dry they also march for “rights”. Today about 500 marched in downtown Los Angeles to protest the deportation of Elvira Arellano last Monday. A truck carrying the band Los Jornaleros de Norte led the marchers down Broadway to City Hall, where more than a dozen speakers emphasized the need to change immigration laws to enable working immigrants Illegal Aliens to stay in the United States.

“People are arrested and deported for the simple fact that they are working legally,” (She really meant ILLEGALLY) Angela Sanbrano, president of the National Alliance of Latin American and Caribbean Communities, told the crowd in Spanish. “We want legalization for 12 million people that are working,” she said. “We want recognition of the contribution that immigrants are making to the country.”

WHAT AN OUTRAGE: – Break our laws, commit fraud, work illegally and then demand to be respected and treated fairly. None of these illegals give a damn about the United States, they refuse to integrate or learn English – they don’t want to be Americans — so why stay here?

I agree we should reform our immigration laws but not in the direction the “New Sanctuary Movement” wants.

1: Close the Border

2: Deport ALL Illegal Alien Criminals

3: Stronger work place enforcement

4: Children born to Illegal Aliens DO NOT get U.S. citizenship

5: End Sanctuary Cities

6: When Police Officers make arrests they can demand to know a person’s immigration status and reports Illegals to ICE.

7: Vote for Politicians who support strong Immigration enforcement.

Let’s take back our country.

Posted: 2215PT 08/25/07


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  1. Rubicon permalink
    Sunday, August 26, 2007 9:17 am

    I mentioned in an earlier comment on another article… the “rights” crowd may be able to get their amnesty. The way Washington works, it will be a middle of the night law we cannot stop or will not find out about until its already passed.
    BUT… if they pass laws that forgive Social Security fraud, then I think its time we all demand members of Congress resign. Impeach others. Then its time we decide our government is no longer, “of, by, and FOR, the people.”
    I understand the desire to work where one can earn a living. However, if Ms. Arellano, or whatever her name is, has applied way back in 1997 for legal entry.. unless she was a known criminal, she would already have legal working documents.
    She and many others want all of the benefits, but none of the responsibilities. Working under the table saves them paying taxes, while they use taxpayer funded services. And many who do pay SS figure eventually the governments will give them access to SS benefits anyway!
    An immigration reforms group now tells us there are numerous American citizens & “legal” aliens in America ready, willing, & able to replace illegal aliens at virtually every job the illegals are already doing. In short, America could have near perfect full employment.
    Additionally, if we grant amnesty to the current bulk of illegal aliens, all we do is tell every other nation in the world that because you are not next door, you cannot come in because the total number allowed was exceeded by the greedy next door neighbors.
    There are many others around the world who want to come in, want to become Americans & assimilate, but cannot get in because numbers have been artificially met by the next door neighbors who have sneaked in.
    Real immigration reforms must include an overhaul of the broken DHS system that may be the real culprit in this mess. Employers did not want to put up with the paperwork, s they covertly encouraged illegals from Mexico & other Central & South American countries to sneak in. The greedy employers also get to exploit the fools who sneaked in to boot. And, the corrupt elite in Mexico remain in power, stealing from their own citizens.

  2. daniela permalink
    Monday, September 17, 2007 4:40 pm

    u know wat u better not say nothing because some immigrants are here to work and you americans (which i am one) shouldnt say anything without us you wouldnt have as much houses because most latinos work in construction and any ways this land is not your land okay the people who found this land were native americans and anyways its free land so sorry

  3. Monday, September 24, 2007 8:33 pm

    In my humble opinion,
    Anybody that crosses the line to USA should show a legal passport. What is wrong doing it right? The law was created to avoid CHAOS! (Disorder, confusion disarray) How can anybody agree for 12 million undocumented aliens take the identity of 12 M innocent legal US Citizens! Then, assume that half of these 12 million undocumented aliens are women, and each is pregnant THIS COUNTRY automatically gives them MEDI-CAL for the mother and the unborn child. Then continue for the next 18 years! And these women not only have one child… They keep having children to keep sucking from Medi-cal! HEALTH CARE THAT US CITIZENS don’t have! And if the children are born retarded they also qualify for SSI (Social Security Income!) And when they haveA LOT OF children they also qualify for Section 8, (almost free housing!) And the offspring of all these undocumented are “AMERICANS” raised with an arrogant attitude that they feel they own USA with rights to graffiti and deface private property, trash and pollute our public parks, kill, rape, and steal from other humans just because they were born in USA! Is Nice to be lenient, loving and compassionate to the weak, but LET’S NOT BE STUPID and take control of our country NOW! ARE WE ALSO GIVING THEM FREE COLLEGE FUNDS! WE ARE STUPID WITH CAPITAL “D”! FOR DEMOCRATS!

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