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Eight Days a Week

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Well that’s what it feels like when you work in the film business, especially on the first week of a new television series. I averaged 14 hours of work every day last week. That’s like working a week and a half in five days!


That’s the nature of film production, where an average day is at least 12 hours of work. So by the end of a week I’m exhausted and have very little energy left. So I apologize for the light posting — but as I get my conditioning up — that is used to the lack of sleep I’ll be back posting with a vengeance.

If this new series is a ratings hit — then I should have about 20 weeks of work ahead. I often look back over my 36 year career and wonder how I’ve survived. I have never had a full time job, just free lanced getting called to do feature films, mini series and television productions.

All I can tell you about this one hour dramatic show is it has a great cast and excellent scripts. It’s in a good time slot on ABC. That’s all I am allowed to tell you, because I’ve signed a non-disclosure statement.

Well that’s all, I’m up at 4:30AM tomorrow to be at work by 6:30AM.

Posted: 2035PT 07/22/07


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  1. freevolition permalink
    Monday, July 23, 2007 5:12 pm

    What do you do when the candle flames meet in the middle? :D

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