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Mayor Villaraigosa Double Dips

Friday, July 6, 2007

Mayor Villaraigosa who never missed a photo op or press conference has suddenly disappeared from the scene. He’s hoping the scandal surrounding his dalliances with Mirthala Salinas will leave the public’s consciousness — but not so.


The heat is rising and the rumors are even hotter. Mirthala Salinas was put on leave from here newscaster role at Telemundo while they “investigate” her breach of reporter ethics.

Now there are reports that the “leak” of the Mayor Villar – Salinas affair was actually from Mirthala herself. According to the rumors, Mirthala was really pissed because Antonio has already moved on to a new relationship with Sabrina Kay. Kay is a fashion designer who is also serving as a commissioner of the Los Angeles City Planning Commission. You can get the inside dirt here.

Saturday’s Los Angeles Times says the Mayor will come out of the shadows, “The mayor’s aides, anxious to jettison the controversy and repair the mayor’s image, plan a blitzkrieg of appearances and announcements in the coming weeks to show that Villaraigosa is focused on his job. Starting Monday, the mayor will pay special attention to education, emphasizing his efforts to improve the Los Angeles public schools, and announce a program to fill 350,000 potholes over the next year.”

Is the Mayor of Los Angeles a player or what? This guy doesn’t care a bit about the citizens of L.A., or even his children — just himself. The people of L.A. can be real proud of electing this asshole as Mayor — now we can bask in ALL his love.

Let’s recall him now!

Posted: 2137PT 07/06/07


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  1. Sunday, July 8, 2007 6:43 am

    I like reading about his stuff. Didn’t the mayor say he was continuing his “whatever he called it” with this TV lady when he admitted the truth of the gossip? Where did this other lady come from so soon? I guess I like other people’s gossip because it takes my mind away from my own boring life.

  2. Monday, September 24, 2007 9:27 pm

    350,000 Potholes! Is this going to make him look better? I LIVE IN MOUNT WASHINGTON just where he owns a Mansion and he has neglected his own community! Is it because his wife is living in this mansion or what? MY STREET NEEDS TO BE PAVED COMPLETELY!!!! (WHEN I CALL FOR REPAIRS it’s ONLY for little dumb POTHOLES!) The whole street is braking up! The houses around here have sold over and over again making the houses values over the Million dollars! Which means that the new owners are paying taxes of Million dollar homes? WHERE ARE OUR PROPERTY TAXES GOING! How about Soledad Canyon! By Richardson Dr.! We need streets! To get to our homes! How about removing “rent control” Poor innocent new tenants have to pay for the old tenants that are deteriorating units just because “Rent Control is out of control! How about removing rent control from old buildings and implement it to the new buildings, so they can be repaired, so tenants can move some place else? And renovate the units without having to pay YOUR NEW STUPID LAW OF PAYING $17,000. TO RELOCATE PEOPLE THAT IS NOT EVEN OUR RELATAIVES! Antonio Villaraigosa DO YOUR JOB! OR QUIT!


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