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Mayor Villaraigosa Spreads the Love

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Well, well, well, the chickens, actually the chick came home to roost Tuesday. Los Angeles Mayor Villaraigosa held a press conference to acknowledge that he has been having an affair for the past eleven months with Telemundo TV anchor, Mirthala Salinas. The Los Angeles Times traced their relationship back at least 18 months.
“In November 2005 — four months after he was sworn into office — Villaraigosa was seen one evening by a resident of the Sherman Oaks condominium complex where Salinas lived at the time.”

Salinas and Villar

Mirthala Salinas “interviewing” Mayor Villaraigosa

The Mayor’s mea culpa came just one month after another press conference where he announced that his 20 year marriage to his wife Corina was on the rocks — she filed for divorce the next day. In both cases he requested “that people respect my family’s privacy.” Of course as an elected official that means diddley squat to the media.

The first thing that the Mayor needs to do is change his name back to Antonio Villar. You see he merged his name with the name of his (now former) wife Corina Raigosa — to get Villaraigosa.

Villaraigosa can’t seem to keep his peccadillos in check: He has two adult daughters both born out of wedlock with seperate women, and his wife filed for divorce in 1994 over a separate affair for which he later publicly apologized. They eventually reconciled. Mayor Villar was also denying that Ms. Salinas is pregnant!

Salinas has a thing for politicians and power; “Assembly Speaker, Fabio Nunez, one of Villaraigosa’s best friends, also had an affair with Salinas from the summer of 2003 until after his swearing in as Assembly Speaker in February 2004. The Speaker’s office confirmed to that while the Speaker was divorced from his wife Maria (they have since remarried), Nunez and Salinas had a romantic relationship. Salinas attended Nunez’s swearing in as Speaker of the Assembly. Sources also tell that Salinas would regularly fly to Sacramento to see the Speaker. One insider at Telemundo said that “everybody in the newsroom knew all about it and management did nothing about it.”

There’s more breaking news about Salinas here: She dated Alex Padilla too 

I say that Tony Villar and Mirthala Salinas are made for each other – they love themselves and the camera too.

Let’s hope the wheels finally come off Villar’s political career – especially his dreams of being Governor of California.

Posted: 2212PT 07/03/07


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  1. Tuesday, July 3, 2007 10:03 pm

    Shades of Rudy Giuliani here….

  2. Wednesday, July 4, 2007 5:19 am

    We don’t care abut his personal life, as long as he is doing a good job for the our City. Divorce happens for millions, as he truthfully stated and Politicians are not excempted. They are humans as the rest of us. Legislature should pass a law to put a STOP to the “MEDIA” ABOUT PEOPLE’S PRIVATE LIFE! Mostly “Politicians” or the “FAMOUS” all that is EVIL GOSSIP. and this is what our children are learning.

  3. Wednesday, July 4, 2007 6:04 pm

    I’d say the children you refer to are learning what YOU want them to. They should be learning how to be honest and upfront, how to cherish fidelity. Yet you have them learning that truth is evil gossip.

    No wonder…. nevermind

  4. Thursday, July 5, 2007 6:49 am

    Precisely! “Monkey see Monkey do” “Do as I say and do, not as you hear from “Evil Gossip Media….” “Lord Nazah” We all are born with ‘FREE WILL” You chose and confront consequences. “That who is free of sin cast the first stone” ….

    Limit to state your own opinion about the subject here. Don’t attack my humble opinion.

  5. Mary Elizabeth permalink
    Thursday, July 5, 2007 1:01 pm

    When someone in an official position shows a history of deceit then they have put themselves in a position to have their character as well as their “agenda” questioned and exposed !!!

  6. Thursday, July 5, 2007 3:51 pm

    You said it! VILLARAIGOSA had NO history of deceit that is why he has the position he has. Along the way there are TEMPTATIONS….. In the Mayor’s position there are LOTS OF RESPONSIBILITIES AND OBLIGATIONS which causes stress and anxities that need some type of relief. Take a look at Mirthala Salinas….. Jess! she looks like Corina, but Corina (his wife) is not there to relief the stress and anxieties “MEN” relieve stress in SEX Mirthala Salinas was available and it happens after sex men think better. We women are “the challengers of good and evil” DON’T judge the Mayor for having sex with someone that consent to it. THEY ARE ADULTS and those dirty things are among him his wife and the lovers….. WHAT DO WE CARE? YOU HAVE DONE IT. REMEMBER…… THINK….. and before you try to move the fuss out of someone’s eye. REMOVE the log from yours.

  7. Thursday, July 5, 2007 5:43 pm

    I have to jump in here. What absolute bunk about giving Mayor Villar (his real name) any break.
    This man CAN keep his dick in his pants – if he cared for his own family, children as well as the people of Los Angeles.
    He shows absolute contempt for the people who elected him and the citizens of Los Angeles – who he serves.
    He has no sense of responsability for his actions – 2 children born to two seperate women, out of wedlock as well as continued affairs while married. Why should anyone trust this man with running our city when he can’t even run his own life,

    He should resign, or be recalled. He is not fit to be the Mayor of this city.

  8. blacktygrrrr permalink
    Thursday, July 5, 2007 9:14 pm

    If Bill Clinton did not make adultery problematic, than the mayor of the city I reside in will not be affected. Oh well.

    Anyway, I would consider it an honor and a privilege if you would add my blog “The Tygrrrr Express” if you feel the quality is high.

    I learned of your website through the Rottweiler’s website, since I like his humor.

    Happy 4th!


    P.S. If I already asked you, my bad in advance.

  9. Thursday, July 5, 2007 10:34 pm

    TO AUTON: You are a “Man” You have one too. You are human, if we don’t give men a break who is going to lead our country? a “WOMAN” ? WE ARE JUST AS HORNY AS MEN AND HAVE THE SAME NEEDS AND ANXIETIES. After all, GOD created humans, and “He” was the one who put all our crazy hormones in order to multiply and populate the earth, we all have some “ANIMAL INSTINTS” and when there is a chance we take it. Sure we can reason as humans and think of the consequences, but there are times of weaknesses, if this didn’t exist they how boring life would be It was a mutual consent they are adults and kept it secret for a loooong time, Salinas is not a prostitute, she was just satisfying her needs too. We are all the same….. Just because we are ordinary people doesn’t mean we don’t do the same, because even if you think about it you already committed adultery. SO WE ARE ALL SINNERS so what? (I might think different tomorrow it’s late and I’m sleepy) SO DON’T JUDGE ME…. THAHKS LOVE ROSALINDA

  10. Thomas Carney permalink
    Friday, July 6, 2007 8:23 am

    If anything, this proves Mirthala Salinas will do anything, and I mean ANYTHING to get the story!! I’ll run for election in LA if it gets me in bed with that p_ta. Salinas slept with Nunez and Padilla to get her way to the mayor. What’s next?? Mirthala Salinas and the Governator Ahhh-hold Schwarzenegger??? Over Maria Shriver’s half-dead body!!! I’d pay good money to see THAT catfight!!!!!

    Rosalinda, women have the “SAME NEEDS AND ANXIETIES”??? I don’t think so, especially in the 21st Century where women like Hillary Clinton, Elizabeth Rourke and the rest of the FemiNazis want to emasculate every man they can!!!

    Women are also prone to hormonal neuroses… (don’t argue, dear, medical science has already proven that. Haven’t you heard of the “Queen Bee Syndrome”?? Google it and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

  11. Friday, July 6, 2007 6:57 pm

    I read the “QUEEN BEE SYNDROME” in my humble opinion … You are totally LOST! Please follow the thread….

    Mirthala had affairs with Nunez, Padilla, Villaraigosa and probably with many more that we don’t know, and we should not care! this does not make her a p-ta…. She works in that environment… it happens… Yes, same happened with Louinski and Clinton they took the risk and got caught just the same as when we get caught on a moving violation. This does not make us “Criminals” It was just a bad choice, In life we learn only when we make mistakes and Villaraigosa has apologized and said he’ll take responsibility – that means that Corina will take 1/2 of his salary assets etc. etc. he loves his children and he loves ANGELINOS TOO MUCH! I believe that for being so much dedicated to the city he neglected his wife, but… Hey there were 20 years of marriage! It’s best for Corina, the Children and Villaraigosa… well until divorse is complete he can cut his name back as Villa “Like PANCHO VILLA! CON SUS 2 VIJAS A LAS ORILLAS! LOL

  12. Saturday, July 7, 2007 4:18 am

    Thomas, my apologies…. I was the one who didn’t follow the thread…. I was thinking about all our crazy hormones when you were referring to WOMEN IN LEADERSHIP.

    Ladies and Gentlemen of this “Forum” you are right, I am wrong. I learned my lesson.

    Villaraigosa and Mirthala Salinas gambled with their job positions and they got caught. Now what? Crucify him? And stone Mirthala for behaving like the sinner? (Magdalena)

    NO!!! Just pay the ticket.

    Villaraigosa said he will take responsibility of his actions and the right thing to do is to resign. (this way he does not need to pay ½ salary to Corina) As of Mirthala she also failed on the “Ethics” of her job, now what resign too? Or get fired? She is messing with married men! Can’t she find one that does not belong to any woman? Jesus! All good men go to war. This has to stop! There is nothing good left to chose.

    Since MEN have proven to be weak in leadership because hormone issues, LET’S CHOSE A QEEN BEE for MAYOR …. And see how it develops….

  13. freevolition permalink
    Saturday, July 7, 2007 4:20 am

    Unrestricted tolerance; should it be tolerated? No.
    Should politicians hold a moral code of ethics? Yes
    Individuals that seek a political position generally do so for one of two reasons:
    1. The desire for power
    2. The desire to serve

    What differentiates the one from the other? The underlying philosophy of the one that has the desire for power is ‘self’, whereas the underlying philosophy of the one that has a genuine desire to serve is ‘others’. Which one would best represent his or her constituency and the city, township, state or nation he or she has been elected to represent?

    Separating political philosophy from ethics is a ruse used by many to justify unethical conduct.

  14. Saturday, July 7, 2007 4:32 am

    GOOD MORNING TO ALL! hi Freevolition, I like what your philosophy. As of
    Thomas, my apologies… I guess I was sleepy and not thinking straight.

    I was the one who didn’t follow the thread…. I was thinking about all our crazy hormones when you were referring to WOMEN IN LEADERSHIP.

    Ladies and Gentlemen of this “Forum” you are right, I am wrong. I learned my lesson.

    Villaraigosa and Mirthala Salinas gambled with their job positions and they got caught. Now what? Crucify him? And stone Mirthala for behaving like the sinner? (Magdalena)

    NO!!! Just pay the ticket.

    Villaraigosa said he will take responsibility of his actions and the right thing to do is to resign. (this way he does not need to pay ½ salary to Corina) As of Mirthala she also failed on the “Ethics” of her job, now what resign too? Or get fired? She is messing with married men! Can’t she find one that does not belong to any woman? Jesus! All good men go to war. This has to stop! There is nothing good left to chose.

    Since MEN have proven to be weak in leadership because hormone issues, LET’S CHOSE A QEEN BEE for MAYOR …. And see how it develops….

  15. Thomas Carney permalink
    Saturday, July 7, 2007 12:13 pm

    ROSALINDA wrote, “Mirthala had affairs with Nunez, Padilla, Villaraigosa and probably with many more that we don’t know, and we should not care! this does not make her a p-ta…. She works in that environment… it happens…”

    Wait, she sleeps around like and she’s NOT a p_ta? OK, maybe she doesn’t do it for money, but she certainly did to get those reports!!!! It doesn’t matter if a woman sleeps around for money or something else… that’s a p_ta!!!

    “She works in that environment… it happens…”… just because it happens does not mean it’s good. OK, if I’m a reporter and a devout Catholic or Orthodox Christian, I’ll be sleeping around to get reports and I’ll tell my confessor, “OK, Father, but ROSALINDA said it happens and that’s OK.” Or if I’m a Protestant, I can tell God, “OK, God, but I’m a reporter, You know it happens.” Give me a break. If I’m in a room full of murderers and I join in, that’s OK????

    Villaraigosa likes to sleep around on his wife… that’s been proven repeatedly. I think it’s very fitting that he took the wife and kids off the mayoral website and replaced those pics with Bill “I-did-not-have-sex-with-that-woman-Miss-Lewinsky” Clinton and Magic “I-got-HIV-from-having-over-4000-sexual-contacts” Johnson.

    I hope Telemundo52’s worker stage a palace revolt and get management to fire Mirthala Salinas. To be using her body to get her job done is really low.

    And if you haven’t figured it out yet, Salinas has succumbed to the three biggest aphrodisiacs of a woman with hot beauty: 1. Power 2. Money and 3. Endowment.

    She doesn’t love any of the guys she’s been bangin’. It’s a power issue. She’s proven she can conquer married men. It’s power, not sex nor is it love. Once that mayor is out of his high power job, she’ll dump him for another big shot. You watch.

  16. Thomas Carney permalink
    Saturday, July 7, 2007 12:14 pm

    I hope and pray Corina Raigosa cleans the mayor’s clock in divorce court.

  17. Saturday, July 7, 2007 1:26 pm

    Jesus Christ! LOVE your neighbor as yourself, and don’t wish to others things that YOU wouldn’t wish for yourself. We are getting out of context – Let’s get back to the SUBJECT

    I agreed that there are “Rules” in the game of life. If broken bear the consequences. That’s the law. Villar and Salinas played with fire and they got burned. They MUST resign or get fired! and everybody change the chapter …. What’s next?

    Corina had the dignity to put a STOP by filing for divorce and she should have filed it long time ago since it happened before, maybe she thought he’ll change, but as an “American” I tried to sympathize with people.

    Thomas you are out of contest because you are angry at something…. Look what you said above. “I’ll run for election in L.A. if it gets me in bed with “THAT” P_TA. Doesn’t that make you a P_TO too? What’s the difference? aren’t we equal? Didn’t you mention about QUEEN BEE SYNDROME? que pedo pues? If I agree you attack! if I disagree you attack. ARE YOU BI-POLAR, or what? Stay with the Subject my friend.

  18. Saturday, July 7, 2007 1:38 pm

    Talking about POLITICAL Positions ROCKY DELGADILLO? The idiot that thought the Chief police Vaca had favoritism with PARIS HILTON when we – us ordinary people get those breakes too IT BACKFIRED ON HIM! HE SHOULD RESIGN TOO! what goes around comes around. See why we should not open our BIG MOUTHES some times….

  19. Saturday, July 7, 2007 6:49 pm

    Thomas, you must be very young! To be a reporter must be very difficult. If you think that Mirthala Salinas used her body to get the job done??? THAT’S THE STUPIDEST statement I have ever heard so far…. If you describe her as “hot” Then she should change jobs! MODELS make a lot more money! What’s the point to attack her that way? Is it that she has not given you a chance because you don’t have a powerful position?

    You also said… If a woman sleeps around for money or something else…. that’s a “P_TA”…. Then, your mother is a P_ta too, because in exchange that your father fucks her he’ll pays the bills and provide her with food and shelter. What’s the difference?

    Here is another STUPID STATEMENT OF YOURS….. If you are a “devout Catholic” or Orthodox Christian and you go to your “confessor” and say, but Rosalinda say it’s ok! or say I am a “Reporter and it happens Give me a break. “just because it happens does not mean it’s good! There are lots of things that are not good “LIKE RENT CONTROL” AND WHAT ABOUT OUR SOLDIERS? We are a Nation under GOD aren’t we? And GOD said THOU SHALL NOT KILL. But our Christian, or Catholics soldiers have to go to war and kill to save your ass and mine shouldn’t they deserve a break from God to go to heaven? After all killing is murdering isn’t it? Are they going to “HELL”? Don’t be innocent Thomas….. This is the 21st Century…. Sex is just sex! And this Country should change their rules and restrictions as if it is something “BAD”! IT’S ONLY DIRTY IN THE MINDS OF SCRUPULOUS PEOPLE

  20. Sunday, July 8, 2007 6:56 am

    Wow!!! I just saw this post out of order. This post has sure generated some activity (lots of capital letters). You seem to have discovered a way of making new friends?

    In any event, the picture you’ve posted reminds me so much of the one where Clinton was walking down the crowd and there was Monica gazing up, I thought, with this look as if she’s “proud” of him.

  21. Sunday, July 8, 2007 9:23 am

    Monica Lewinsky was 23 years old, practically a promiscuous child. You admired Clinton too remember? before the scandal; you and I vote for him. How in the world are we going to know the future? Unless it happens? God knows the outcome of every one of our actions for a reason; it is written in a chart! How are we going to know who is going to win on the next election?

    Not even “Clairvoyants know it” If they state a name and wins it is just a coincidence.

    This is not a way to make friends either. To me this is just virtual communication, when I have nothing else to do. I don’t see your face, nor you see mine. Kind of of therapeutic sessions; as going to the psychologist, or like ‘Thomas up above say “His confessor” lol This is just entertainment on a beautiful Sunday morning.

    Please don’t pay attention to CAPITAL LETTERS it is not that I am yelling… It’s just so you don’t lose sight of the line that you are reading…. lol Humor is our friend ANGER our enemy….. peace and LOVE to all.. ;) ahhh I guess it’s time to wake up and move my bones!!!! 7/8/07 10:25 0X0X0

  22. Thomas Carney permalink
    Tuesday, July 10, 2007 11:03 am

    Rosalinda, I’m not young. I served five years in the USAF, I’ve done everything from being a bouncer, a factory worker, a scientific researcher and electrical engineer. I have a patent under my belt, and yes, being a reporter is hard work, but let’s look at some facts here:

    1. Mirthala Salinas was sleeping with Alex Padilla when he was an LA official and she was covering LA politics.

    2. Mirthala Salinas was sleeping with Fabian Nunez while she was covering LA politics.

    3. Mirthala Salinas was sleeping with hizzoner while she was reporting the mayor’s marriage was bustin’ up.

    You wrote, “Sex is just sex.” Gee, if it just sex and nothing attached, can I get some from YOU??

    My mother is not a p_ta. Your mother…. I won’t say… you, I’ll bet, have got kids who have NO daddy and you’re all they’ve got. I feel sorry for them.

    Classic rule for journalists, wench: “When is a reporter not a reporter??” “When the reporter becomes part of the story.”

    Telemundo is a bunch of losers if they keep her.

    Rosalinda, una puta es una puta. Ella jode los hombres a recibir informacion para su trabajo.

    So, Rosalinda, according to you, sex is just sex. Can I get some???

    Just asking. After all, it’s just sex.

  23. Tuesday, July 10, 2007 8:02 pm

    LOL, do you have a powerful position? (jk use manuelita)

    This is exactly what I mean…. “MEN” are weak they just can’t say “NO” to p u s s y! and are just as P_tos as women! Villaraigosa is a normal man, and if the cat is out of the bag well, then confess that he has been sleeping with a lot of women because that is just a ‘LATINO” Tradition! Quien da pan que llore?

    The problem with USA is that whore houses are prohibited, again for some dirty mind opposers. That is why there are so many rapes, killings and divorces. Wifes need some relif from husbands that want to do it all the time! men have too much stress and responsibilities! to be a “P_ta” takes “TALENT” is a “Profession!” there are things wifes are not willing to do. They use techniques men like and only they are willing to do it. It’s just the “Latino Tradition” it’s better if they go to a professional whore than if he uses one from work again and again running the risk of falling in love then divorce kicks in. That is just a fact!

    You don’t want tacos every day … Do you? Sex is just sex some hormone build up. Don’t confuse it with “LOVE”

  24. Thomas Carney permalink
    Monday, July 16, 2007 2:02 pm

    Rosalinda, what are you smokin’?? Cheech and Chong want some of that!!!

    Wives don’t need relief from their husbands… if they love their husbands, they’ll put out!!!

    During the 19th Century in this country, yes, you’re right. Women were taught to do the Dirty Deed on the honeymoon, bear a few children, then cut him off. This is from the Victorian Days in Europe. Rosalinda, this is the 21st Century!! Women fool around as much as men if not more so!!!

    I’m headin’ for South America… at least there…they shag!!!

  25. Monday, July 16, 2007 8:32 pm

    so? Dirty Deed? Why dirty? is blowing your nose dirty? when you urinate is it dirty? how about when you go poop? all these are toxins that need to get out of the body. Listen to this…. Even the holiest men NEED SEX…. we all get molested some way during our youth some more than others some lightly, but we all have a brain TWO SIDES to reason and speak up. and fight back. YOU CHOSE.

    “The Roman Catholic sex abuse cases are a series of accusations of child sexual abuse made against Roman Catholic priests in the second half of the 20th century. Though such charges had been levelled earlier, they first earned widespread attention in the mid-to-late 1990s.” “get over it!!! p l e a s e !!!!

    The incidents involved diocesan priests (who are all male) and members of the various Roman Catholic religious orders (both male and female). Many cases involved seminaries, schools and orphanages, where children were in the care of clergy. Many of these allegations have led to successful prosecutions of the accused. Criticism of the Church and its leadership followed, especially as some high-ranking clergy covered-up abuse cases; see the Ferns report. ” See what happens when they are forbidden to get married” they use children and people like you that go and confess in a little dark room. GET OUT OF EVERY RELIGION!!!! WE ALL HAVE A GOD INSIDE OUR BRAINS!

    and we are pointing the finger to Villaraigosa and Mirthala Salinas! Give me a break! sex will always be sex and it happens because it happens, just as simple as that. “urges of the body.” Grow up Thomas, you are prostituting yourself in this forum. All I hear from you is A HORNY MAN WHO NEEDS SOME SEX you said get a P_ta like Mirthala Salinas. YOU also said you want sex from me too! WHAT ARE YOU SMOKING MY FRIEND? are you aware of your job policies what are the rules? if you brake them you lose! this is virtual communication you don’t even know me, or how I look like? you don’t even know if I HAVE AIDS or any other sexual deseases You must be a P_to who taught your MORALS? GO SOUTH WHRE THEY SAHG that’s where you belong.

  26. Wednesday, July 18, 2007 7:37 pm

    Enough punches…… Any other challenger? I feel like “Rocky Balboa” Jumping on my ring I wonder if Villaraigosa reads this? I don’t think so… It was only Thomas and I in debate and I feel I WON!!! :)

  27. Thomas permalink
    Monday, July 23, 2007 11:08 am

    Rosalinda, if you’re so eager to defend the mayor you must be very easy. That’s why I was asking. As for sexual diseases… I guess you do have them, don’t you???

  28. Monday, July 23, 2007 8:58 pm

    Thomas, if you were in Villaraigosa’s situation, I would defend you just the same. We are put in this Beautiful “Earth” to learn by making mistakes and confronting consequences. What counts is attitude. Besides what is divorce for? People fell out love, and people falll in love all the time…. again, “That just happens.” You say you are not young, but again you respond very immature for your age. Do you think you’re going to provoking me with your remarks? To argue? Sorry, you’re not my cup of tea. Thanks for the Challenge I beat you good.

  29. Thomas permalink
    Wednesday, August 1, 2007 11:30 am


    All you proved is that you’re not too smart upstairs. Corina can’t trust her husband the mayor, why should you??? I cannot understand why you are so unbelievably defensive of him.

    What this all proves is:

    1. Villaraigosa will lie to his wife…and has done it many times.

    2. Mirthala Salinas will sleep with anyone to get the story.

    3. You, Rosalinda, are a pendeja.

  30. Thursday, August 2, 2007 2:36 pm


    Pendejos like you view others as if they were of your own condition. Did you read what I wrote? “I would defend you the same way, Buey! Villaraigosa is no more and no less than one of us, and adultery happen in life, regardless of “Political Position”

    It appears to me that you are jealous of Mirthala Salinas who lives on the other side of the glass of the T.V. And you are just watching. Who had more fun? Who is more popular? What Century are we living? Corina is a Strong intelligent woman and the children are pretty grown up already. It’s better to be separated. Divorce is a “Fact of Life” live with it.

  31. Sunday, August 5, 2007 6:50 am


    We all should be thankful that VILLARAIGOSA applied and qualified for that hard job! We voted for him. We should respect ALL our superiors as the President, Governors, Mayors, Judges, etc. etc. LET THEM DO THEIR JOB! They are doing something good for the people.

    STOP the “Media Gossip” Complain about Graffiti issues, Gang elimination, increase minimum wages, remove rent control that is stealing from landlords, Improve school system by reducing 3 years of schooling reduce hours of school so kids learn to work and earn their own way to success by going to work at 14. have 2 shifts of school Morning and Afternoon instead of crowding the schools of kids who can’t learn with so much shifting classrooms. After all we live in 21st century and computers should reduce years of education years! We still call our children “Kids” when they go to college! GIVE ME A BREAK! These “Kids” are old men and women still sucking from parents assets, and tax payers (government grants) SOMETHING THAT IS WORTH TELLING ON THE MEDIA. You want some gossip watch “DR. PHIL!”

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