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Senator Dianne Feinstein Disses Free Speech

Friday, June 8, 2007

Senator Dianne Feinstein, the California Democrat, who is a co-author of the Amnesty bill, said talk show hosts were partly responsible for derailing it.

“I’ve listened to talk show hosts drumming up the opposition by using this word amnesty over and over and over again,” Mrs. Feinstein said. In 15 years in the Senate, she added, “I’ve never received more hate or more racist phone calls and threats.”

Feinstein 2

If Dianne Feinstein was really listening she would have heard how angry and upset the citizens were about S1348. Numbers don’t lie — the telephone calls, the emails and the faxes coming into to the Senators offices were 20 – 1 against the bill.

Once again we see the arrogance of the United States Senate — detached from the real world and the will of the people. These elitists think that they know better than the voter. Just read the crap and the double meanings they put into their “grand bargain”.

Now they are in the blame game mode. Majority Leader Harry Reid of Nevada, was critical of Republicans today. “The White House has so far failed to rally Senate Republicans behind tough, fair and practical immigration reform,” he said, vowing to bring the ball back to the floor “as soon as enough Republicans are ready to join us in moving forward on a bill to fix our broken immigration system.”

The reality is that 38 Republicans and 12 Democrats heard their constituents and did the right thing to kill this bill for the time being.

To understand the wide differences between Senators on the immigration problem you can contrast Lindsey Graham’s (R-SC) tantrum here with Byron Dorgan’s (D-ND) passionate opposing speech here.

The only people Feinstein can blame for the Amnesty Bill’s failure is herself and her cronies — not the good citizens of the United States.

Posted: 1545PT 06/08/07


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  1. Saturday, June 9, 2007 2:43 pm

    I appreciate your comments on my site and I missed the Tenet one until just now. I hope it was obvious that my comment about Tenet’s “participation” was rhetorical and sarcastic. If Tenet had the responsibility he writes of then it’s no wonder there was a failed mission.

    As for your post here, I am so fed up with all the politicians. It’s unfortunate that they need so much of our attention because they certainly aren’t capable of judging the pulse and best interests of the people in this country and elsewhere.
    You are an intelligent, well versed guy and I respect your opinion. (I wish I could express myself on a blog even half as well as you. I don’t have the patience to put all of my thoughts on paper with cites – I get frustrated and that;s why I don’t like to re-read my stuff or it would never go.) Anyhow, I believe my opinion is likewise deserving of respect. But you and I are quite polarized on a number of major issues, so in the end who is to really say? You know what it said about opinions….

    I re-read your brief bio and see that you were or are affected in some regard by the US immigration policies, I believe. Of course you are not what one pictures when you say “immigrant” or resident alien or whatever term you use. I haven’t followed everything you write and don’t know where you exactly fall on immigration. I live in South Florida and am very much affected by immigration. The original Cuban population influx when Castro came into power – the 1950’s or 60’s I believe) as well as many (but not all) of those who came from South and Latin America, are wonderful. The early Cubans especially made and make major contributions to our area. Many were and are skilled professionals and semi-professionals; they gave up being surgeons and lawyers to come here. They left everything they have in Cuba yet did not live off the largess of our citizenry and state welfare system. The early Cubans tried to, but certainly their children, are fully assimilated in the US and still retained their heritage and valuable bilingual skills. Unfortunately the same cannot be said, generally, about those from Haiti and the second and later waves (when Castro allegedly opened his prisons) from Cuba.

    I don’t know many who would disagree that we should close our borders. In fact when I say that I think it’s kind of funny because aren’t our borders already considered closed? Enforcement I suppose I should say. In Florida there is a law for the Cuban population (only Cubans I think but maybe Haitians) that if they make it across in a boat or flotation device of any kind and get one foot on land they can stay otherwise if they are stopped within 10 feet of swimming to the beach, it’s back they go. I am pretty sure it’s special for Cubans but it’s a strange law or policy. Imagine if that applied to Mexicans and the border. No simple answer, anyhow. I could be in favor of blanket amnesty to working, self supporting individuals. If we could get rid of the others. The best thing to do right off is make sure that any criminals (whatever that means) are deported. The courts here advise people that a conviction MAY lead to deportation. Why may?

    There are just so many problems. I am so disgusted with Bush and his rotten decisionmaking. I heard today about the surgeon general Bush wants to nominate? The radio said that this guy has expressed strong opinions that things like homosexuality is inhuman or words to that effect. Now why does Bush even go don’t that road? Why nominate a guy who causes these debates? Why doesn’t he get someone who doesn’t have the baggage the Dr. brings to the table. It’s like a Bork nomination. Why?? I just truly dislike Bush in the worst way. I literally can’t understand how you could favor him in any way? I understand that’s a strong statement but I honestly and deeply don’t understand his “base” (except for those few who directly benefit in a fiscal relationship with his administration).

    I’m done writing. I hardly ever get around to it anymore. I may even have to edit this and use it as a post so my so-called blog doesn’t get TOTALLY stale.


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