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CNN Pushes it’s Anti-War Rhetoric by Disgracing Fallen War Heroes

Monday, January 1, 2007

Happy New Year to all and I especially want to extend that wish to all of the men and woman serving in the United States Armed Forces, Veterans of past wars and the nations first defenders, Police and Fireman. It is your selfless service and bravery in the defense of our freedom that allows us to go to work, shop at the malls, go to the movies, attend sporting events, practice our religious beliefs and just plain live our lives.

I think the most galvanizing moment of 2006 was the execution of Saddam Hussein. It was the story of all the media, but most importantly it was the most popular search item on the Internet. This blog alone attracted over 75,000 views of my post, CNN Vows Discretion with Saddam Execution Video — But Has No Problem Showing U.S. Soldiers Being Killed.

To me the most revealing stat was the number of comments, 212 and still growing. They are a testament to our democracy and the right to freedom of speech. Those that commented were from Canada, the U.K, Pakistan and India, but the majority were Americans and the debate was fiery. The central issue was the war in Iraq and the blame game.

However, no matter how it was stated — the majority of opinions expressed were a result of the influence of the media’s spin. Apart from the Internet, most of our view of the world comes from the MSM.


CNN, along with the New York Times rank at the top with their incessant anti-war stance. CNN’s Situation Room, hosted by Wolf Blitzer, jumped all over the 3000 U.S. soldier KIA mark in Iraq. But the most sensational was yet to come with good ‘ol Anderson Cooper 360. The announcer over the theme music intoned, “3000 lives, 3000 stories. Only one question left – how to redeem their sacrifice.”

Standing in front of huge graphic “Grim Milestone 3000+ DEAD” — Anderson said, A terrible milestone on this the first day of the year…..” The piece led with whether the death of Saddam was worth the loss of 3000 lives — a cheap shot and a disgraceful way to honor the bravery of these fine soldiers. Of-course this “news” item was used to seg-way into a promo for Cooper’s next slam on Tuesday evening; “AMBUSH at the River of Secrets“. A one hour special on the loss of Jonathan Bowling, Karl Linn, Chris Weaver and Jesse Strong of the 4th Combat Engineer Battalion, Charlie Company of Lynchburg, VA, on January 26th, 2005 in Haqlaniyah (near Haditha).

Here’s a much better perspective at Gateway Pundit, A Couple Other Grim Milestones Missed by the Media Today and also at Riehl World View with 63,000 – Yes, That’s Some Number.

Posted: 2130PST 01/01/07


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  1. US Army Officer permalink
    Tuesday, January 2, 2007 12:03 am

    You, Sir, have lost ALL credibilty by linking to such a ridiculous report. The first, most obvious innaccuracy is that the report compares all deaths under Clinton, to include natural deaths due to ilness, to only the Iraq War deaths. When both complete totals are compared the Deaths under Bush are of course far greater. Secondly, the report ignores the fact that during most of the Clinton years we had more troops. Of course the number shrank because Clinton did not decrease the cutbacks passed by the first Pres Bush that Dick Cheney and the Republican congress pushed. Of course right wingers will tell you that Clinton was to blame for the decrease but that is just more misinformation they want you to believe. The bottom line is if you can’t make your case without lieing then you don’t have a case. Of course this is even a bad lie because anyone with any common sense could see through it. But you didn’t or you did but you did not expect that your readers would. Which is it? Don’t bother answering me. After only reading 2 of your blog entries you have been shown to be useless.

  2. jainphx permalink
    Tuesday, January 2, 2007 5:27 am officer take your misinformation back to Kos central.No one need answer your salacious Comments.We can just accept who it is that made them.

  3. US Army Officer permalink
    Tuesday, January 2, 2007 7:40 am

    Sorry jainphx, I have never heard of Kos central. As for misinformation there is one bit I would like to correct. Instead of “republican congress” I should have said “republicans in congress”. It is true that Democrats also supported the cuts that were proposed and pushed by Dick Cheney. I am able to admit and correct my errors. The rest of my comment above is completely factual. No misinforamtion here.
    Of course you do not seek the answer to the only question I posed above because you don’t care if the information you receive is accurate as long as it supports your point of view. The bottom line is that the author of this blog either wasn’t able to see through this obvious attempt at misinformation or he did and he was trying to spread it.
    It is the one characteristic of the right wind pundits that they rely upon most, the willingness for their listeners to mindlessly accept what they tell them as fact even after it has been shown to be false. If they repeat it enough you will believe it and spread it. This is the favorite tactic of people like Hannity Limbaugh and especially O’Reilly, if anyone watches him anymore.
    So go ahead, make the argument that more soldiers died under Clinton than under Bush. Chances are the person you repeat it to will not have the statistics handy and they will never check, then they will repeat the claim and so on. This is how right wing lies get spread and the author of this blog is a part of it.

  4. Tuesday, January 2, 2007 2:50 pm

    You are quick to cite statistics UAO, yet you provide none.

    Where’s your links?

  5. jainphx permalink
    Tuesday, January 2, 2007 3:36 pm

    UAO its hard to lose any personnel from 15,000ft.How many innocent men women and children do you suppose were killed.Clinton also in my opinion fought on the wrong side of that war,the islamo nuts are now in charge of that part of the world.He was also scared away by a band of hoodlums in Haiti with a battle group at his disposal.I’m sorry but Clinton and Jimma boy did more to bring on 9/11 than the al queada.Don’t even compare those cowards to GWB.He’s not all that I would have liked, but head and shoulders over those two midgets.

  6. US Army Officer permalink
    Tuesday, January 2, 2007 5:38 pm

    Lord Nazh the only stats I looked at are the very ones linked above. The only difference is that I counted all deaths equally. The misleading blogger that posted the original report Compared only Iraq war deaths under Bush to total deaths under Clinton.

    jainphx, you really have a misinformed, twisted view of history. I wasn’t at 15,000 feet in Bosnia. I was on the ground and the stability operation there was one of the most thorough and well thought out plans I have ever been a part of. It is close between that and the first Iraq War. This Iraq war was ill-conceived from the start with no plan at all in place for phase IV – post regime change stabilization. That is not an opinion that is a fact taken from the plan itself.

    Bush and his administration were blinded by audacity, enforced groupthink and their own fairy tales of how easy it would be. That is why we are in the mess we are in today and the only good that will come out of it is the removal of Saddam but he will likely be replaced by a government that is far more dangerous to our national security than Saddam ever was. We can not even begin to estimate the awful events in the future that Bush’s ineptitude will portend, as if 911 wasn’t bad enough. But go ahead and blame Clinton and Carter and every democrat who as ever held office because that is what Fox news wants you to do.

    This site is a waste of time. You fail to see the most obvious inaccuracies because you want to believe them and you do not even have a basic knowledge of recent history. You have had your minds too tightly twisted by right wing pundits who have force fed you lies for years.

    I will not return to this site. It is too frustrating to have to relate basic facts to each individual including the originator himself.

    God bless America. After Bush we are going to need it.

  7. jainphx permalink
    Tuesday, January 2, 2007 8:24 pm

    Good go back to kos where people will believe your swill.

  8. Saturday, January 6, 2007 9:29 pm

    CNN is shameless, no surprises here.

  9. Wednesday, January 17, 2007 10:54 pm

    last I checked over 60% of Americans have the position that CNN is taking. Maybe you should consider becoming part of the “majority” instead of the minority.

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