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Has Bush Lost His Nerve?

Tuesday, December 5, 2006

I’m troubled by the sudden capitulation of President Bush to the incoming Congressional Democratic majority. Is it Karl Rove who’s advising the President to wave the white flag? Is it all about the poll numbers and the incessant negative drumbeat of the MSM?

Obviously those in the White House have to be thinking ahead to 2008 and not ruin it for the Republican party. But maybe Bush is over reacting and not standing his ground — he should be prepared to go toe to toe with Pelosi and the Dems and stand on his principles.

BoltonI’m really disappointed to see United Nations ambassador John R. Bolton resigning. He’s throwing in the towel because Senate confirmation was an impossibility. We’re loosing a good man who spoke for the U.S.A. with truth and forcefulness in the United Nations. He was a diplomat who did not mince his words and ruffled a lot of deserved feathers in the U.N. This is how The New York (Treason) Times framed it:

“Mr. Bolton’s decision to step down brings to an end the stormy and controversial tenure of an ambassador whose confrontational style often conflicted with the understated ways of the United Nations. To his critics, he was an abrasive proponent of a hard-line, conservative ideology at odds with the multilateral approach at the United Nations.”

John Bolton did not want to go and it’s obvious he was thrown under the bus. It’s been reported that Dick Cheney was trying find a way to bypass the Senate confirmation hearings, perhaps by naming Bolton to be President Bush’s special envoy. But they just didn’t want to – pardon the words – start a war with Congress.

So the White House body count is up to two now with Secretary of Defense, Don Rumsfeld’s resignation on November 8th.

Who’s next? — Condoleezza Rice? — Dick Cheney? Is this how the President will let the voters know that he’s going to change our foreign policy?

Bush came off looking pretty good in his one on one interview today with Brit Hume on FNC. He stated his resolve about Iraq, the War on Terror and protecting the homeland. As he said the long arm of history will prove him right. Maybe he’s just calming the seas of disapproval so he can come out swinging in January?

In related news — I’m glad my post The New York Times — the Enemy’s Best Source for U.S. Battle Plans is echoed by Michelle Malkin in What’s the White House doing to punish leaky leakers?


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  1. Tuesday, December 5, 2006 6:51 am

    It would be challanging for anyone to stand thier ground, without a leg to stand on. You have good commentary here.

  2. Tuesday, December 5, 2006 8:49 am

    Unless you have some sources I haven’t seen (highly possible) the only info we have is that Bolton sent W a letter stating he wouldn’t be staying on after W wanted to name him to a new post.

    Whether or not he has lost his nerve, this really does (in all I’ve read) look like a case of Bolton leaving on his own account and not getting thrown under the bus.

  3. jainphx permalink
    Tuesday, December 5, 2006 6:45 pm

    No he hasn’t lost his nerve! I also would be damned tired of the daily shellacing he’s taken over the last five years,how many people do you know that could withstand that.That being said I wish he would fight back with the same weapons they use.

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