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Cheers, Jeers and Resignation

Thursday, November 9, 2006

Well there were those who were delirious over the election results Tuesday night and others who thought the world had ended. I’m taking a wait and see attitude, to let the dust settle first and then watch as the gloves come off for the next two years.

Pelosi and the Democrats will raise the Minimum Wage, roll back the Tax Cuts, give Amnesty to all those millions of Illegal Aliens, deny funding for the Border Fence, try to get troops out of Iraq and weaken our fight against terrorism.

They will just be so sweet and nice in trying to improve our world image, that they will never see what hits them. No matter how much they want to appease those who want to destroy the U.S. — the Dems won’t be able to stop them.

Al-Queda will just behead them last.

I got a chuckle over this graphic from The PeoplesCube.Com

Dem Buttons


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