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American Voters Must Be Stupid

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

First off, I am happy to be back — well at least able to add to this blog. You see I work in the film business and currently I am involved in a television pilot. For those who don’t know what a TV Pilot is, well it’s similar to a try-out. A network spends lots of money on possible television shows by commissioning a script and then shooting the first episode in the hope that the audience will love it and it will run for at least five years. My work day averages about twelve hours, not including the two hours to travel to and from the shooting location. So in a word my five day work week is like two of the average worker. The result is that I come home exhausted with little energy left to write. But dammit, tonight I have something to say.

I think the American Voter is stupid! In two weeks we go to the polls and vote in the mid-term elections with the strong possibility that the Democratic Party will regain control of the House of Representatives. Okay a Democratic majority won’t kill us — wait a minute it might. That would mean that Nancy Pelosi would become the Speaker of the House, she will be third in line for the Presidency.

Nancy_PelosiIn these dangerous times, where there are many who hate both George Bush and Dick Cheney it’s not a stretch to believe that someone, or some terrorist group, oh let’s say al-Queda might have a plan to assassinate the President and Vice-President.

Nancy Pelosi is an extreme left winger. Her policies are far from what the Democratic party was during Kennedy’s time or Lyndon Johnson. She is further to the left than Jimmy Carter — that’s frightening. Nancy Pelosi is against the War on Terrorism, the Homeland Security Act, the interrogation of terrorists and wants them to have equal rights as U.S. citizens. She’s against the strong defense of our borders from the flood of illegals.

If you have felt that the country’s policies have swung too far to the right, just wait she and the Democrats will move it just as far to the left. The MSM has been pushing this agenda for as long as George Bush has been in power.

Just this past Sunday, Frank Rich of the New York Times wrote another Bush-bashing piece “The Gay Old Party Comes Out”. He use his platform to acknowledge Republican homosexuals who hold power positions but contrasts this with the party’s dislike of same sex marriage. Rich goes on ofcourse to rail about Mark Foley but fails to even write about the recent death of Democrat Gary Studds and his sexcapades with an underage page.

CNN becomes the American arm of islamo-fascist propaganda, by broadcasting video of Iraqi terrorist snipers killing U.S soldiers. They call this news, I call it an anti-war stunt to influence the election. Bob Woodward’s book is published four months early, to influence the election. Knowledge of the Mark Foley’s emails was held back and then released to influence the election. The New York Times has carefully timed the printing of leaked top secret information, to influence the election.

There are bitter and angry Democrats out there with one goal in mind — regain power at all costs. Lie like Clinton if you have to, in-order to change the course to the wrong direction. Vote on November 7th, not out of anger but with a desire to keep this country safe from those that want to destroy us. Don’t be stupid.

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  1. Saturday, June 9, 2007 2:48 pm

    You are not being honest about Pelosi and others like her. Against interrogating terrorists and the entire Homeland Security Act? Are you serious? Don’t be like Rush and O’Reilly – totally misleading to make a stronger point. Don’t make things up. Someone might believe you. That’s just wrong.

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