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Gov. Schwarzenegger Terminates Senate Bill 160

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

The people have spoken loudly and Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger vetoed SB160 on Tuesday. This bill passed by the California State Assembly on August 31st was written by Gil Cedillo (D, Los Angeles) and called “The California Dream Act”.Bill Cedillovert It sounds wonderful doesn’t it – but what this bill propsed was to give Illegal Aliens living in California the right to free tution to attend state colleges. That’s right our State Assembly wanted to reward those who broke the law to get into this country and give them another free ride towards college.

Here’s the email I received from the Governor’s Office:

Thank you for sending me your email opposing SB 160. Hearing from my fellow Californians is very important to me as I work to improve our great state.

After extensive consideration and thorough deliberation from proponents and opponents of this issue, I have decided to veto this bill. SB 160 would penalize students here legally by reducing the financial aid they rely on to go to college and pursue their dreams. To see my veto message for this bill, please visit the Official California Legislative Information website at:

Thank you again for writing to me. Your active participation in the democratic process will help ensure a brighter future for California.



Arnold Schwarzenegger

Governor Schwarzenegger

Kudos to the Governor for taking a stand against entitlements for illegals while campaigning for re-election. He listened to the electorate who strongly opposed SB160 and bombarded his office with faxes, voice-mails and emails. A hat tip also to KABC Talk-show host, Al Rantel who brought this to his listeners attention. Al rallied listeners so fervently, that the Governor’s voice-mail lines in LosAngeles, San Diego, Sacramento and Fresno were filled within hours of his broadcast.

Governor Schwarsnegger’s veto is another slap in the face to ‘One Bill’ Gil (Cedillo) who just doesn’t understand the word “no”. Gil Cedillo is infamous for pushing a bill to allow Illegal Aliens to get Drivers Licenses eight times now. Former Governor Gray Davis actually signed one of these bills in a last ditch effort to appease Latino voters before he was voted out in a recall that pushed Arnold Schwarzenegger into office. Schwarzenegger made vetoing this bill one of the first things he did upon taking office.

Turning to the Governor’s race, Phil Angelides unveiled a desperate television ad on Tuesday, called “Always on Your Side”. The commercial reaches back 34 years to the Nixon Presidency. I have no idea who is running his media campaign but after the election they’ll probably never work again.

Take a look at the ad and judge for yourself.

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